• Holiday Home Dubai

    02 May 2024

    Millions of tourists are flocking to Dubai and the rest of the UAE from every corner of the globe, now more than ever. Despite Dubai being home to some of the world’s greatest hotels, many holidaymakers are now opting for holiday home rentals, such as those offered on AirBnb, Sonder, and alike. Reasons for this include the preference of having an entire ‘home’ to stay in, and the independence and flexibility that comes with that (usually at a more cost-effective price compared to traditional hotels). In addition, holidaymakers enjoy the feeling that they are experiencing a place as a resident as opposed to a tourist.

    Whilst the demand for short term listings increases, so does the number of homeowners in the UAE opting to list their properties for short-term rent, and for good reason. Dubai currently stands as the most profitable location worldwide. Furthermore, Dubai is renowned for being home to many entrepreneurs and businessmen and women who often travel overseas with work, thus leaving their apartments empty for prolonged periods. Listing their apartment for short term rent covers the general costs (such as DEWA) plus considerable profit whilst they’re away.

    Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) regulates the listing of a property as a short-term rental. These regulations guarantee appropriate protection and transparency for the homeowner and the visitor, whilst ensuring that the overall process of holiday home renting in Dubai is an exemplary one worldwide.

    Obtaining the holiday home license Dubai is a fairly straightforward process. An initial application may be submitted along with the necessary documents, following this, the property will be inspected to ensure that it is up to standard. Once confirmed, the individual may pay the fees and receive their approval. Further, the holiday home license Dubai cost is minimal in comparison to the profits that can be made from having a holiday home Dubai.

    Whilst the thorough measures set by the DET ensure that high standards are safeguarded, failure to meet the DET requirements may result in the imposition of fines, the suspension of holiday home listing activity, or complete termination of the homeowner’s license or permit. However, these outcomes are avoidable by ensuring there are UAE law compliant contracts in place between the homeowner and the visitor. Such contracts may be found on Kanoony.com.

    Kanoony (a digital legal and corporate services platform) offers the best in UAE law compliant ready-made contracts drafted by legal professionals. At the click of a button, you may have access to numerous agreements, forms, and templates, designed to best prepare and protect the homeowner on their holiday home listing venture.

    Short-term rental is a very lucrative opportunity so do not be held back by lack of legal knowledge on the matter. Whether you are listing a studio or a mansion Kanoony will have the appropriate contract template to put in place providing clarity and confidence throughout the process.

    The homeowner may rest assured that they have taken the necessary steps to safeguard their holiday home service once they have the contracts and agreements provided by the expert team at Kanoony. Contact Kanoony today to begin navigating your holiday home business venture with appropriate UAE law compliant contracts.

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