• How to setup a business in Dubai Mainland

    05 Dec 2023

    Independent and commercial financers can make incredibly lucrative investment decisions by establishing a company on Dubai's mainland. Setting up mainland company formation in dubai merely requires a few straightforward procedures. Mainland firms are entities that authorize you to continue doing business within the boundaries of the UAE authority since they are based in commercialized territorial areas.

    Every company incorporated through the (DED) Dubai Economic Department and designated as a retail, proficient, or single entity generally has a Mainland Licence in Dubai. Most importantly, getting a license for the business setup in dubai allows you maximum liberty and versatility while you grow and manage your firm. The rules and regulations are changed by the judiciary officials that handle how mainland enterprises trading in the United Arab Emirates should function. 

    In order to receive an official license, you must determine your business, which usually entails locating the firm, describing the kind of operation, and paying the required costs.

    The various mainland business licence types

    For business setup in dubai mainland, you can get four different licences. These licenses are given as per the commercial undertaking, and these contain:

    License retail certification

    Companies involved in trading or the marketing of products and services receive licenses. Since it enables people to take part in a variety of trading ventures, a lot of investors choose a standard commercial license. Retail authorizations are entirely prevalent throughout the UAE, including Dubai. It is easy to perform all processes linked to professional certification, such as issuing, amending, and revoking them.

    License professional certification

    Professional certifications are issued for those organizations that conduct operations connected to provide any service. A professional license certification is necessary if you participate in all specialized actions like counseling. Issuing of the professional license can be unlocked at cheaper rates as compared with different licensing alternatives.

    License tourism certification

    Every activity involving tourism must have an official tourist certification. The organization that provides you with tourist licenses is called the (DTCM) Department Of Tourist And Commerce Marketing. An official tourist license is necessary to engage in operations connected with both domestic and international tours.

    License manufacturing certification

    An industrial license is for companies that produce items in workshops and manufacturing units. You might require approval from the Ministry of External Affairs and administrative entities for a manufacturing license based on the type of commercial operation.

    The benefits you get when you set up your company in mainland Dubai

    Business activities: Mainland companies in the UAE have a wide range of business activities available to them, making them a suitable choice for various industries. These activities can include retail, trading, professional services, and more.

    Local market access: Mainland companies have the advantage of direct access to the local UAE market, allowing them to do business directly with the local population, bid for government contracts, and participate in various government-related projects and initiatives.

    Compliance with UAE federal laws: Mainland companies must adhere to UAE federal laws and regulations, as well as local emirate regulations. Compliance includes adhering to labor laws, immigration laws, and other legal requirements. It may also involve obtaining licenses and approvals from relevant government authorities.

    Location flexibility: Mainland companies can be established in various locations within the UAE, including popular business districts, commercial areas, and industrial zones, based on the requirements of the business.

    Currency operations: Mainland companies can operate bank accounts in various currencies, allowing them to conduct business transactions in different currencies. This can be advantageous for businesses involved in international trade and financial services.

    Multiple legal structures: Mainland companies in the UAE can take various legal forms, including Limited Liability Company (LLC), Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC), Private Joint Stock Company (PrJSC), and others, depending on the nature of the business and capital requirements.

    Legal compliance: The establishment of a mainland company in the UAE involves registering the business with the respective Department of Economic Development (DED) in the emirate in which the business operates. This process includes choosing a trade name, drafting a Memorandum of Association (MOA) outlining the company's activities, and obtaining necessary licenses.

    The benefits of incorporating business on the mainland are considerable. Your commercial efforts and professional activities may benefit from the mainland company formation in dubai. Your company on the mainland dubai may deliver a great variety of trade, full business possession, and geographical freedom. 

    Following are a few justifications for why business people form a mainland firm in the Emirates.

    Ease of finding a spot

    Many locations are unsuitable for company establishment due to their various constraints on the capital needs of a firm. Dubai is a particularly profitable location to conduct company integration since there are barely any limits on the initial investment required to start your firm.

    You will not be taxed

    Dubai is among the ideal locations to start a company because you do not have to pay any tax on your trade there.

    Simple recruiting process

    After you have made the decision to launch a company in dubai mainland, your enterprise will need employees. Your company would not have any issues in this area because Dubai has no restrictions on obtaining work permits. Moreover, the location benefits you by having a relatively simple hiring procedure.

    Import taxes are very low

    Because there are fewer import taxes, importing equipment or raw materials is less expensive for companies. As a result, the outlay of doing trade will get considerably reduced, enhancing profit.

    No annual audit

    Although it does not seem necessary to audit a firm annually, periodic audits of a corporation are still essential. The size and type of the company getting the audit influence the level of auditing demand.

    Flexibility in terms of choosing an area and no trade limitations

    You will face no geographical constraints or limitations on the company formation in dubai mainland. Dubai's mainland businesses can conduct trade with customers or provide services to the authorities. Companies may operate many offices and establish a significant appearance across the Gulf region thanks to the mainland business format.

    You get full authority and possession of your company

    The UAE has recently announced the establishment of companies on the mainland of Dubai will be open to 100 percent overseas possession. If you are a potential international investor and want to conduct trade in Dubai, you might definitely benefit from this update. Even for foreign investors fresh to Dubai, this is profitable news.

    Handling legal paper work ss easy

    On the dubai mainland, there are no limitations on how commercial legal paperwork can be processed. 

    You get the ease of finding commercial property

    In mainland Dubai, finding an inexpensive workspace offering flexible contract terms with every facility a company needs is easily manageable.

    Starting a business in Dubai mainland

    Determine business activity: Identify the nature of your business and ensure it complies with the approved activities in the UAE. Different emirates may have specific rules regarding permissible business activities.
    Choose a legal structure: Determine the legal structure for your company. Common options include Limited Liability Company (LLC), Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC), Private Joint Stock Company (PrJSC), and others. The choice of legal structure will depend on your business activities, capital requirements, and ownership structure.
    Select a business name: Choose a unique and appropriate name for your company. Ensure that it adheres to the naming conventions and is not already registered by another entity.
    Draft the memorandum of association (MOA): Work with a legal advisor to draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA), which outlines the company's activities, ownership structure, and other important details. The MOA must comply with UAE regulations.
    Register with the department of economic development (DED): Submit your application to the DED of the relevant emirate. The DED is responsible for registering mainland businesses and issuing licenses. Your application will include the MOA, business plan, and other required documents.
    Get initial approvals: Depending on the nature of your business, you may need additional approvals from government departments or regulatory bodies. For example, you may require approvals from the Ministry of Health for a healthcare-related business.
    Obtain a trade license: After receiving approvals, you can apply for the trade license. The type of license you need will depend on your business activities.
    Register with the chamber of commerce: Register your company with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This registration is necessary for business incorporation.
    Open a corporate bank account: Open a corporate bank account for your mainland company. The bank will require the necessary documentation, including the trade license, MOA, and approvals.
    Visa processing (if needed): If you or your employees require UAE residency visas, you can initiate the visa process. The number of visas you can obtain may depend on your business type and the size of your office space.

    All the procedure for business setup in dubai mainland is simple and easy. You may get a general outline of every step for setting up a business below:

    Pick a place for your company

    You will need to rent a workspace in order to operate your company in Dubai. Companies operating within the UAE's continental territory have zero location limitations. The ideal place depends on several aspects, including the nature of your selected business and financial capacity. Do not forget that it must abide by the Economic Development Department of Dubai and any applicable zoning laws.

    Choose the legal structure of the business

    The laws and regulations will decide a few things, like how you control your company, the amount of shares, and other aspects. Several legal structures are available in mainland Dubai, but the most common involves a Limited Liability Company.

    Make a memorandum of association Or local service agent agreement

    For mainland company formation in dubai, you shall make a Memorandum of Association specifying whatever business you want to establish in the country, including if it will be an LLC company, publicly traded company, or privately held business company. You will want an agreement for appointing a Local Service Agent if it is an independent enterprise.

    Choose a name for your company

    You have to pick up a name for your company after choosing a strategy for business. Selecting a company name is crucial prior to moving forward. But doing this is sometimes challenging. Remember to follow regulatory rules while choosing your company name. You could get advice from qualified professional advisors on picking a reputable brand name.


    Obtain a licence for mainland trading in Dubai

    After completing your operations, registering your company name, and outlining the legal structure, you must submit an application for a license. While filing documents, confirm you include all the necessary documentation with the Economic Development Department in Dubai.


    You must ensure a good workplace for your business operations

    You should reserve a workplace instantly after you get a company trade license. Business centers in Dubai are often controlled and operated by an outside entity and come fully furnished. Typical amenities include tables, telephones, computers, and receptionist facilities. Typically, the monthly charge would include utilities costs, rent, and usage of any commercial supplies. 


    Obtain further authorizations from the government 

    The authorities seek further specifications for different companies. For instance, you might need to pay additional remuneration if you wish to apply for a foreign brand name for your company, although Arabic phrases do not charge for any.


    Team up with professionals for setting up your business

    A thorough grasp of administrative and regulatory procedures is necessary for company formation in dubai mainland. For international business/company owners, collaborating with experts from the United Arab Emirates reduces the burden of starting a firm. A professional advisor may work alongside you and comprehend your company's objectives. It might give you more confidence while you launch a profitable business setup in dubai.

    The necessary paperwork to start a mainland company

    You must send all the required paperwork to the appropriate authorities in order to finish the filling procedure.
    • Original investors passports
    • A passport-sized picture
    • Visa authorization or entrance documents
    You may have to provide a few more paperwork according to the type of operation you select. You might learn more about the specific requirements for paperwork by using professional consultant services. The experts will ensure that all of your paperwork is in order.
    Wrapping up!
    In addition to a friendly business environment, the dynamic metropolis of dubai mainland provides first-rate amenities and framework. Many analysts and business experts agree that Dubai is among the significant cities to establish and launch a company. It is due to the numerous services Dubai authorities offer, including top-notch business structure, trustworthy business connections, a skilled labor force, multicultural workspaces, and opportunities to make additional investments. The success and expansion of an enterprise are aided to a great extent by this favorable company atmosphere.