• “KANOONY” the UAE’s rising star in the corporate world

    13 Sep 2023

    A complete corporate and legal services ecosystem under one roof

    In recent years the UAE has flourished into the leading hub for international business formation.

    With attractive tax laws, 100% foreign ownership potential, and cost-effective incorporating processes, starting a company in the UAE is the prime choice for optimal business success.

    The UAE is renowned for its modernization, convenience, and safety - traits which can be seen paralleled in the revolutionary corporate services and legal contract templates platform “Kanoony”.

    Kanoony, aptly meaning “legal” in Arabic, is trailblazing the way in corporate and legal solutions by providing a ‘one stop shop’ that simplifies and manages the complete process of starting any sort of business or company in the UAE.

    Kanoony offers a multitude of catered solutions on business formation in the UAE in an accessible and user-friendly way. Contemporarily, the most popular of which is company formation in the offshore jurisdiction RAK ICC (Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre). Global trends show this to be the favored jurisdiction for international business company set-ups, as the advantages redeemable there are unparalleled in similar jurisdictions.

    Even those unfamiliar with the concept of forming a company offshore may proceed with confidence as aforementioned Kanoony can provide a dedicated team ready to handle every step, such as: company formation, registering a trademark, organizing banking, and even ensuring your assets are protected with a Will registration and much more.

    In addition, Kanoony allows for unlimited access to tailored corporate templates which would prepare a business for any unforeseen challenges, all of which are UAE law compliant, up to date, and bilingual, so that you may rest assured you are always best prepared with the appropriate legal solution.

    Kanoony allows the company founder to embark on the business venture with ease. No longer will the process of commencing a company be arduous with the need for never-ending discourse back and forth with different agents as new challenges, regulations, and unexpected circumstances are encountered. Now, thanks to Kanoony, you will have an experienced and committed team of qualified agents, and a plethora of corporate templates at your fingertips.

    Kanoony will walk you through the complete business formation process and continue to support your business onwards, making it easier for your business startup to excel and be lawfully future proofed.

    By: Molly O’Brien Corporate Services Executive