• How to setup a business in Dubai freezone

    09 Jan 2024

    The United Arab Emirates is an ideal location for a business setup, according to a majority of people worldwide. Huge economic developments have taken place in the nation, which are helpful to both residents and expats. Specifically, Dubai is a well-advanced country with several advantages. These advantages include advanced facilities, cheap taxes, worldwide accessibility, free zones, an economic boom, and several others. As a result, it is among the top locations for company formation in dubai freezone.

    In order to attract foreign stockholders, Dubai created free zones that provide tax breaks and reduced fees for customs. The key benefits of establishing a free-trade zone are that there aren't any limitations on foreign licenses, and businesses get managed by a separate free-trade law, which remains in charge of giving working licenses and governing business operations there. Consequently, a dubai freezone business is exempt from the Federal Law on Commercial Companies UAE.

    Keep reading to learn how to initiate a business setup in dubai in a free zone area.

    What Does A Dubai Free Zone Company Mean?

    A free zone company in Dubai is a business entity established within one of the many free zones in the emirate of Dubai. Free zones in Dubai are designated areas that offer various benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs looking to set up or expand their operations. These benefits are designed to attract foreign investment and promote economic diversification in Dubai.

    Free-trade areas are another name for free zones. These authorities effectively function as free-trade zones where people can trade products and services, often at advantageous taxation and customs charges.

    The terms free-trade zone and businesses located overseas are considered to be interchangeable, which is a frequent misunderstanding. But this could not be further from the reality. Free zone businesses are inland organizations that, while they satisfy specific criteria, are permitted to operate in Dubai. Offshore corporations, in contrast, are only created to function outside of their licensing authority or the location of their principal investors.

    In the United Arab Emirates, there are now 67 free-trade areas, and more are getting added each year. More than 150,000 businesses in the nation are based in these free-trade areas. Additionally, as time goes on, the percentage is increasing. According to the free-trade location you choose and your immigration restrictions, the expenditure of freezone company formation in dubai could differ.

    It is also important to note that businesses formed in the dubai freezone are now authorized to establish subsidiaries on the country's mainland. To be capable of doing this, you must register the subsidiary with the Dubai Economic Development Department and the Economy Ministry Dubai, keeping the exact trading brand. Contrary to the previous norm, when it was required to be assisted by a regional shareholder, the subsidiary firm may now be held entirely by the free-trade area corporation.

    Benefits of setting up your business in Dubai in A free zone area

    Setting up a free zone company, whether in Dubai or other locations, offers several benefits that can be attractive to entrepreneurs and businesses. While the specific advantages can vary depending on the particular free zone and the country it's located in, here are some common benefits associated with free zone company formation:

    100% Foreign Ownership: In most free zones, foreigners can have full ownership of their businesses without the need for a local sponsor or partner. This level of ownership is generally not available outside free zones in many countries.

    Tax Benefits: Free zones typically offer various tax incentives, such as zero or very low corporate income tax rates, customs duty exemptions, and VAT (Value Added Tax) exemptions. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses.

    Simplified Setup: The company registration process in free zones is often streamlined and more efficient compared to establishing a business in the mainland. This can save time and reduce administrative burdens.

    Customs and Import/Export Benefits: Companies in free zones often enjoy streamlined customs procedures, making it easier to import and export goods. Customs duties and tariffs are often reduced or eliminated for goods traded within the free zone.

    No Currency Restrictions: Free zone companies may have the freedom to maintain bank accounts in various currencies, which is beneficial for international business transactions.

    Access to Skilled Workforce: Many free zones offer access to a skilled and diverse workforce. This is particularly advantageous for businesses in need of specific talents or expertise.

    World-Class Infrastructure: Free zones typically feature modern infrastructure, including state-of-the-art office spaces, warehouses, and logistics facilities. This can enhance your business operations and overall image.

    Proximity to Ports and Airports: Many free zones are strategically located near major ports and airports, facilitating the movement of goods and reducing transportation costs.

    Intellectual Property Protection: Some free zones have strong intellectual property protection regulations, which can be essential for businesses dealing with patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

    No Foreign Exchange Controls: Free zone businesses may not be subject to foreign exchange controls, allowing for the easy repatriation of profits and capital.

    Easy Company Management: Free zone companies often have minimal reporting requirements, making it easier to manage and maintain compliance.

    Networking Opportunities: Free zones often host networking events, seminars, and conferences, providing opportunities for businesses to connect, collaborate, and grow.

    Confidentiality: Some free zones offer a high level of confidentiality and privacy for business owners.

    The business setup in Dubai freezone offers numerous benefits. A few are listed below;

    Full ownership of your company

    As a foreign shareholder, you have clearance to acquire 100 percent control of your firm in free-trade areas.

    Remittance of all profits

    You may take home all earnings you generate in a free-trade zone business. It entitles you to a free exchange of 100 percent of your money to your country of residence.

    Taxes on businesses are nonexistent

    The UAE federal regulations for business setup in dubai specify that business taxes do not have to be deducted from company income under UAE legislation, so you are free to retain all of your company's earnings.

    Imports and exports procedures made simpler

    Free-trade areas are not subject to any business taxes, in contrast to the mainland locations.

    The ideal areas

    Free-trade zones are placed in convenient areas nearest to terminals, maritime ports, and international boundaries. Naturally, this may boost commercial benefits.

    Worldwide access

    Dubai's extensive shipping hubs and terminals have made trading between nations easy. Because of the area, you have a quick connection to dealers and producers from South Asian, Middle East, and Northern African locations.

    Successful foreign business opportunities

    Dubai draws thousands of travelers and entrepreneurs together every year, as it is among the esteemed transport hubs on this planet. The country has a diverse population and offers chances that allow you to network with people from across the world.

    The registration procedure is easy and quick

    The complete license application procedure is simple and quick. Being an owner, you have straightforward access to organizational conveniences and free-trade location company establishment.

    How to set up a business in the free zones of Dubai

    Setting up a company in a Dubai free zone can be a straightforward process, as these free zones offer various benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and simplified procedures. Here are the general steps to set up a company in a Dubai free zone:

    Choose the Right Free Zone: Research and select the Dubai free zone that aligns with your business activities and goals. Each free zone may cater to specific industries, so choose the one that best suits your business.

    Business Activity and Legal Structure: Determine the type of business activity and legal structure for your company. Options typically include Free Zone Company (FZC), Free Zone Establishment (FZE), and more. Consult with the free zone authority for specific requirements.

    Name Reservation: Check the availability of your desired company name with the chosen free zone authority. You may need to provide a few name options to increase the chances of approval.

    Submit Application: Prepare and submit the application form to the free zone authority. The application will require details about your business, shareholders, and other relevant information.

    Business Plan: Some free zones may require a detailed business plan. Ensure it meets the guidelines set by the free zone authority.

    Legal Documents: Prepare the necessary legal documents, which usually include:

    - Passport copies of shareholders and directors.
    - Passport-size photos.
    - No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current sponsor if you are in the UAE.
    - Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA).

    Lease Office Space: Most free zones require you to rent office space within the free zone. Ensure that the office space meets the minimum size and facility requirements set by the free zone.

    License Application: Submit the license application to the free zone authority along with all required documents. Pay the relevant fees for the license.

    Approvals and Registration: Wait for the free zone authority to review your application and grant approval. Once approved, they will issue the relevant licenses and registration documents.

    Bank Account: Open a bank account for your company. Most free zones have partnerships with specific banks to streamline this process.

    Visa Process: If you or your employees need UAE residency visas, apply for them through the free zone authority. Visa rules and quotas vary by free zone.

    Business Operations: Once you receive your license and visas, you can start operating your business within the free zone

    The company formation in dubai freezone is comparatively smooth. The documentation and timeframe required by free zone officials are minimal. The main stages to starting a business in Dubai's Free-trade areas are listed below.

    - Identify the official organization type
    - Pick a business name
    - To obtain a company license, apply
    - Select a workspace
    - Create a business account
    - Obtain preliminary permissions, register the company, and obtain your license

    Identify the licence type and company operation

    To initiate the task of business setup in dubai freezone, you must choose the license type for your company. It is due to the fact that specific free-trade areas could or might not provide the license you want. 

    The kind of license you require will vary depending on the sort of trading of your company and the operations you want to carry out. Your license application might get processed in just a few days, but you must renew it annually.

    Select the best free trade location for your company

    Every free zone, as previously noted, serves a distinct profession. You can determine the free-trade location that authorizes the license, along with any associated operations, according to the specifics of your business.

    Making an official business name decision 

    Along with choosing the type of company structure, you must decide on an official name for your company to operate. You must consult the authorities of the free-trade area or the Economic Development Department to verify whether the title you suggested is legal or has already been acquired by someone else.

    Choose the appropriate company structure

    In a free-trade location, you get the choice to create the following sorts of permitted entities;

    - Free zone company or free zone establishment under LLC
    - Company subsidiary
    - FZ Co. (free zone company)
    - FZE (free zone establishment)

    Obtain a company license

    The next stage is to submit an application for a commercial license, according to the kind of enterprise you wish to operate in the free-trade location. Among several free-trade zones targeted at fostering a specific business climate are accessible to promoters for the development of businesses. The economic, academic, trade, accommodation, and journalism sectors are all viable business ventures.

    Fill an application and deliver the necessary paperwork

    You must obtain these crucial documents after the prior phases of the freezone business setup in dubai are finished:

    - Request for application 
    - Entry certificate 
    - Immigrant certificate
    - Emirati ID, medical examination, and certification 
    - Articles and memorandum of incorporation

    To start a company in the Dubai free zone, you must provide a number of papers, including;

    - A passport copy
    - Copy of visa
    - Emirates identification copy (only if relevant)
    - Passport-size photo
    - A Commercial strategy (Only valid for specific free-trade locations & operations)

    In accordance with the area of freedom you decide on, you might encounter more procedures and documentation you might need to provide.

    Pick a workspace for your business operations

    The majority of free-trade locations will demand that you possess an actual workspace. You may choose the one that works best for your requirements based on the kind of business you might operate.

    Create a business account available in the bank

    At last, to record all of your company operations, you must also register a business account in the bank. You might find it better to monitor your business spending, determine how to pay taxes, and manage finances if you have a free-trade area account.

    You may acquire your free-trade zone license in Dubai and continue carrying out your commercial endeavors after you finish all the preceding stages and receive preliminary clearance from the appropriate officials.

    Effortless business establishment in free trade locations with guidance from the experts

    With professionals by your side, establishing a company in free trade locations is actually quick and straightforward. You only require a few procedures to start a freezone company formation in dubai.

    Experts can manage each phase, including selecting an entrepreneurial venture and an entity name, startup fees, filing paperwork alongside the appropriate agencies, setting commercial accounts in banks quickly, and taking care of visa requests on your behalf.

    Regardless of your motivations for opening a free-trade location company in the UAE, professionals can handle the entire process and roll out everything quickly.

    Wrapping up!

    Finding the perfect location to establish your business among the numerous areas of the United Arab Emirates can appear to be complicated. Nevertheless, with determination and proper guidance, you may make the strategy of establishing a freezone business setup in dubai much smoother for yourself.

    If you carefully choose the free-trade location for your business, go with the optimal structure of law, establish an actual office, and appropriately incorporate the company structure, you may safely cover the path and prepare your company for development in Dubai's vibrant and challenging economic climate.