• Business setup in Dubai without a sponsor: A comprehensive guide

    08 Jan 2024

    Are you dreaming of starting your own business in the bustling city of Dubai but unsure about the complexities surrounding sponsorship requirements? Good news – it is indeed possible to open a company in Dubai without a sponsor. In this comprehensive guide, we'll address the key questions you may have about starting a business in Dubai and explore the various options available to entrepreneurs.

    Can I open a company in Dubai without a sponsor?

    Yes, it is possible to establish a business in Dubai without the need for a local sponsor. This is made feasible through the establishment of companies in designated free zones, which offer a more business-friendly environment with full foreign ownership.

    Do I need a sponsor for business in Dubai?

    If you choose to set up your business in a free zone, you won't require a local sponsor. Free zones provide an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking full control of their ventures without the need for a local partner.

    Do you need an Emirati partner to open a business in Dubai?

    In free zones, there is no requirement for an Emirati partner. However, if you wish to establish your business outside of free zones, you may need a local partner who holds at least 51% ownership in the company.

    Can I open a company in Dubai without a residence visa?

    Yes, certain free zones allow entrepreneurs to start a business without the need for a residence visa initially. This flexibility makes the process more accessible for those eager to kickstart their ventures.

    What is the cheapest option to open a company in Dubai?

    Opting for a free zone business setup is often considered the most cost-effective choice. These zones offer a streamlined registration process, reduced bureaucratic hurdles, and competitive pricing for business licenses.

    Can you own 100% of a company in Dubai?

    In designated free zones, foreign entrepreneurs have the privilege of owning 100% of their companies, ensuring complete control and decision-making authority.

    Who can sponsor me in Dubai?

    If you opt for a business setup in Dubai mainland, you'll need a local sponsor to act as a partner. This sponsor can be an individual or a corporate entity, depending on the legal structure of your business.

    Can I sponsor myself in Dubai?

    While self-sponsorship is not common, certain visa categories may allow individuals to act as sponsors for their own visas. However, this option is usually more applicable to employment or investment visas rather than business ownership.

    What are the requirements to start a business in Dubai?

    The specific requirements vary based on the chosen location (mainland or free zone) and the nature of your business. Generally, you will need to submit necessary documentation, obtain relevant licenses, and adhere to local regulations.
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    Is Dubai tax-free for business owners?

    In free zones, businesses often enjoy tax exemptions for a specified period, contributing to the overall appeal of starting a company in Dubai. However, it's essential to stay informed about any changes in tax regulations.

    Can I run a business from home in Dubai?

    While certain freelance activities can be conducted from home, operating a full-fledged business from a residential property may require specific approvals. It's advisable to check with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with local regulations.

    Exploring Business Setup Services

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    Free Zone Business Setup in UAE with Kanoony

    Starting your business in a free zone with Kanoony offers several advantages. Free zones are designated areas that provide favorable conditions for businesses, including 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of profits and capital, and exemption from import and export duties. Kanoony's expertise in navigating the intricacies of free zone business setup ensures a smooth and efficient process.

    Business Setup in Dubai Mainland with Kanoony

    For those considering a presence in Dubai mainland, Kanoony's services can guide you through the requirements and procedures. While a local sponsor is necessary for mainland businesses, Kanoony can assist in finding a suitable partner and managing the documentation process, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

    Offshore Company Formation in UAE with Kanoony

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    In conclusion, starting a business in Dubai without a sponsor is not only possible but also offers entrepreneurs the flexibility and control they seek. By choosing the right setup option and staying informed about local regulations, you can turn your business aspirations into a reality in one of the most dynamic and thriving business hubs in the world. With expert guidance from Kanoony, the journey to establishing your business in Dubai becomes a strategic and efficient process.