• Will registration in DIFC courts, Dubai

    08 Jun 2023

    The DIFC Courts' Will Registration service, located in Dubai, affords individuals the opportunity to securely and dependably register their Wills. By utilizing this service, individuals can readily safeguard their assets and guarantee their proper distribution to their intended beneficiaries. This service extends to any person of legal age, providing a safe and streamlined approach to the protection of their testamentary interests.

    Our corporate legal services encompass a reliable and expedited process for Will registration in the esteemed DIFC Courts. Our team of adept attorneys offers proficient support and counsel to ensure that all requisite legal procedures are meticulously observed and that the Will aligns with all relevant laws. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses the drafting and registration of the Will, whereby our team adheres to the highest standards to guarantee legal compliance and uphold the testator's testamentary wishes. Our team is steadfastly committed to safeguarding the Will's legal validity and preserving the testator's intended legacy.

    Protecting your legacy

    A Will, being a legally binding document that delineates one's testamentary intentions regarding their tangible and intangible assets posthumously, is a paramount undertaking to circumvent potential disputes among familial heirs. Registering such a Will is indispensable to both safeguarding one's legacy and ensuring one's loved ones' future security. Such registration guarantees the preservation of the testator's wishes and the flawless administration of their estate.

    Why registering your will is so crucial

    Dubai's legal system diverges from many other countries' legal frameworks, and the rules concerning inheritance are distinctly particular. In the event of the demise of an individual without a Will in the UAE, Sharia Law governs the distribution of their assets, which may not necessarily conform with their intended testamentary dispositions. Thus, registering one's Will with the esteemed DIFC Courts in Dubai becomes a pivotal step in guaranteeing the desired administration of one's estate. This process ensures that one's assets are distributed in adherence to one's wishes and not in accordance with default laws that may not align with the testator's preferences.

    How to register your will

    The process of registering one's Will with the DIFC Courts in Dubai is relatively uncomplicated, with the option to complete the registration process either online or in-person, subject to the DIFC Courts' approval of the Will's draft. Nevertheless, the importance of correctly drafting the Will cannot be understated, as any legal discrepancies may lead to disputes or complications. By enlisting the expertise of a seasoned attorney to prepare the Will, one can ensure its legal efficacy and enforceability, mitigating any ambiguities or uncertainties that could arise in the future.

    Registering your will offers several benefits, including:

    1. Dispute Prevention: Registering one's Will provides a fundamental mechanism for circumventing potential disputes and conflicts among familial heirs concerning asset distribution, thereby saving valuable time and financial resources while preserving inter-familial relations.
    2. Testamentary Intent Preservation: Registering one's Will guarantees the administration of one's estate in strict accordance with the testator's final wishes, ensuring that their testamentary intentions are respected and implemented accurately.
    3. Asset Protection: Registering one's Will secures the protection of one's assets by impeding any fraudulent activity or unauthorized misuse by third parties, providing a safe and dependable system for safeguarding one's estate.
    4. Expedited Asset Distribution: Registering one's Will expedites the asset distribution process, thereby guaranteeing that one's loved ones receive their bequests in a timely manner, mitigating any potential hardship or uncertainty.


    To safeguard your legacy and secure the administration of your estate according to your final wishes, registering your Will in Dubai is a critical undertaking. To ensure the legal efficacy and enforceability of your Will, working with an experienced lawyer is crucial. By registering your Will, you can prevent disputes, protect your assets from fraudulent activities or unauthorized usage, and ensure that your loved ones receive their inheritance promptly. Taking this essential step guarantees that your testamentary dispositions are fulfilled, preserving your legacy and securing the future of your beneficiaries.

    By: Alejandra Esmoris | Head of Private Clients at CVML, Dubai