• Legal translation in UAE

    09 Oct 2023

    Legal translation in UAE ensures that legal documents and information are legible and accessible to everyone, regardless of their language proficiency. The UAE attracts people from diverse backgrounds for work and business, resulting in a diversity of languages and cultures. Through legal translation, communication barriers can be overcome. It ensures adherence to regulations and comprehension of crucial legal matters.
    This article delves into the importance of legal translation in UAE. It explores how legal translation services can ensure the accuracy and compliance that facilitates seamless collaboration between companies and individuals.

    What does legal translation mean in the UAE?

    Legal translation in UAE is a closely regulated area that demands the expertise of skilled professionals. These experts diligently follow strict rules and criteria to ensure accurate and reliable translations.
    When translating legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, court judgments, and various other legal materials, from one language to another, it is essential to consider specific requirements. A legal translation becomes necessary, particularly when dealing with foreign documents that need official use in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. This type of translation involves authorizing a qualified translator approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice to translate the document into Arabic and in some cases into English. The translated version is then certified through their signature and legal stamp.
    Legal translation is regulated by Federal Decree-Law No. 22 of 2022 On the Regulation of the Translation Profession. This decree-law requires individuals and/or companies offering translation services in the UAE to be registered and licensed by the relevant authority.

    Using foreign-issued documents in UAE

    To use documents from another country in Dubai, UAE, you must follow the following steps:
    1. Authentication of original document in the country of origin: the original document should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin. 
    2. UAE embassy authentication: To obtain UAE Embassy approval, you must take your document to the UAE Embassy in the country where it originated. The embassy officials will then put their stamp on it to authenticate the document. 
    3. MOFA attestation: Once you bring the document to the UAE, you must present it to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). They will then validate it by providing their attestation.
    Once the above steps are completed, the document can be translated, and stamped by a certified translator recognized by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE. 
    These steps ensure that your foreign documents are legally recognized and can be used in Dubai or any other location within the UAE.

    Using UAE-issued documents abroad

    To use documents issued in Dubai, UAE, outside the UAE, you must follow the following steps:
    1. The individual or UAE company who issued the documents signs and stamps the document along with the relevant UAE legalization authority, for instance, the Notary Public. 
    2. MOFA Attestation: The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) ensures the validity of UAE documents for use abroad. 
    3. Country of Destination Embassy Authentication: Lastly, the embassy officials will then put their stamp on it to authenticate the document to be used in that country.
    Once the above steps are complete, you can proceed to have it translated into the language of your intended country of use. 

    List of legal translation services to expect in the UAE

    You can expect legal translation services for a variety of legal contracts and documents in the UAE, such as:

    • Birth certificates

    • Marriage certificates

    • Resolutions

    • Diplomas

    • Wills

    • Memoranda

    • Patents

    • Litigation documents

    • Trade Licenses

    • Legal agreements and Deeds

    • Power of attorneys


    Regulations governing legal translation in the UAE

    In the UAE, there is a specific regulation governing legal translation which is Federal Decree-Law No. 22 of 2022 On the Regulation of the Translation Profession.
    According to this law:
    Certified and Licensed Translators: In the UAE, translators working with legal documents must obtain official certification and licensing from the Ministry of Justice. This indicates their qualification as approved translators.
    Language Proficiency: Translators proficient in both the source and target languages are crucial. Additionally, they should possess expertise in legal terminology and phrases.
    Strict Rules: Translations must follow strict guidelines and rules to ensure accuracy and reliability.
    These guidelines ensure that legal translations in Dubai are handled by qualified experts, guaranteeing their competence and reliability. Kanoony takes pride in outsourcing recognized translation service providers approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice. This allows us to offer our clients certified legal translations in major and prominent languages.

    How can legal translation services ensure accuracy and compliance?

    Legal translation services are crucial in assisting individuals and businesses to understand legal matters within diverse languages and legal systems. Precise accuracy and adherence to the law hold immense significance in this field. Let’s explore how professional legal translators ensure their work is error-free and fully compliant with regulations.

    Expertise in legal terminology

    Legal translators must have extensive expertise in legal terminology. Legal documents often contain complex terms and concepts specific to the legal field, which can vary from country to country. These specialized terminologies require a deep understanding that professional legal translators have both in the source and target languages. 
    They navigate the exact meanings and legal implications of these terms, ensuring that translated documents maintain their precision and significance in a legally accurate manner.

    Native language proficiency

    Legal translation in the UAE goes beyond simple word conversion between languages. It encompasses the complex task of capturing cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and legal complexities unique to each language. Native language proficiency plays a crucial role in this process. 
    Translators who are native speakers possess an inherent understanding of legal systems, terminologies, and specific requirements within the legal environment. This expertise ensures that translated content adheres to UAE local laws and regulations.

    Quality assurance measures

    Quality assurance measures ensure accuracy and compliance through strict processes. Reputable legal translation in Dubai employs comprehensive proofreading and editing procedures involving collaborative reviews by experienced translators. In addition, they utilize specialized translation software and tools to improve efficiency and precision. These quality checks aim to identify and rectify errors, inconsistencies, or potential deviations from the original text, ensuring that the final translation meets industry standards.

    Confidentiality and data security

    Confidentiality and Data Security are crucial in legal documents as they often contain sensitive and confidential information. Legal translation services prioritize the protection of these documents by implementing strict confidentiality contracts, secure file transfer protocols, and robust data storage systems. They also adhere to the data protection laws (Federal Decree-Law No. 45 of 2021) in the UAE to maintain client trust and legal compliance.

    Subject-matter expertise

    Legal translation in UAE covers a broad range of legal fields, each having its own specific vocabulary and conventions. From contracts to patents, court documents to legal opinions, in-depth knowledge in these domains is essential. To ensure accurate translations that capture the complexities of the legal field, legal translation services employ subject-matter experiences. These specialists possess the necessary expertise to navigate complex legal texts, minimizing the risk of errors or misinterpretations.

    Clear communication with clients

    In legal translation, effective communication with clients is essential for maintaining accuracy. Professional services engage in detailed discussions to fully understand the specific context, purpose, and desired outcome of the translation. This comprehensive approach ensures that the final translated work precisely aligns with the client's needs and objectives.

    Legal review by legal professionals

    In certain cases, the process of legal translation in Dubai involves the participation of legal professionals such as lawyers or legal consultants. This additional layer of experience ensures that the translated material is accurate in terms of language and aligns with relevant laws and regulations. The presence of these experts guarantees that the content is legally sound and compliant.

    Continuous professional development

    Legal translation in UAE constantly changes alongside evolving laws and regulations. Legal translators actively participate in ongoing professional development to keep their skills sharp. This involves attending legal seminars, workshops, and courses to deepen their understanding of legal systems and stay updated on specialized terminology.

    Double-checking legal references

    Legal documents often contain references to specific laws, statutes, or legal precedents. To ensure accuracy and avoid serious consequences, legal translators must conduct double-checks to verify the accuracy of these references.

    Use advanced translation technology

    For legal translation services, leveraging technology offers a great advantage. By utilizing computer-assisted translation tools and terminology databases, these services can ensure consistency in terminology while significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of translations.
    Legal translation services are important for bridging language gaps and ensuring legal compliance in a diverse and dynamic environment. It requires detailed attention and expertise in legal terminology. This ensures that legal documents are linguistically precise, legally valid, and compliant with regulations. Discover the impactful difference that expertise brings to your legal documents. Connect with Kanoony today and unlock the potential of our professional services of legal translation in UAE. Experience the power to enhance your global endeavors while ensuring legal compliance every step of the way.