Small Works Agreement


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    English & Arabic
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  • Version V 1.0
  • Last Updated 07-06-2023
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Document Summary

This Small Works Agreement outlines the terms and conditions between a Client and a Contractor for the construction, completion, and maintenance of Works at a specific site, where the contractor assumes the responsibility of ensuring the completion of the Works in accordance with the specifications outlined in the agreement and maintaining a safe work sire for all employees on the site.


This contract includes the following sections:

  1. Definitions
  2. Lump-Sum Contract
  3. Payment Terms and Retentions
  4. Performance Guarantee
  5. Inspection of Site
  6. Execution of the Works
  7. Quality of Works
  8. Failure to Comply with Instructions
  9. Contractor’s Responsibility
  10. Insurance
  11. Government Notices and Fees
  12. Completion of Works
  13. Liquidated Damages
  14. Maintenance at Works
  15. Variations
  16. Confidentiality
  17. Photographs and Advertising
  18. Other Services, Works, and Structures
  19. Operating and Maintenance Instructions
  20. Other Contractors
  21. Assignment
  22. Governing Law and Settlement of Disputes
  23. Language


This document is provided for reference only and is not intended to be, and should not be considered, legal advice. Determinations about whether this document will be appropriate in your particular situation or jurisdiction should be made after consultation with a legal counsel. Kanoony will not assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this document.

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