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Document Summary

A secondment establishes a relationship between an “Employer”, “Employee” and “Host”, whereby the Employer assigns his Employee to work at the Host’s premises for a specific period of time. The reason of secondment may be to perform certain services in the Host’s favor or avoiding redundancy.


It is important to note that the secondment agreement doesn’t establish an employment relationship between the employee and the host. The rights of the employee keep accruing in the secondment period as if such employee is working for the employer.

This agreement contains the following sections:

1.     Duration of Agreement

2.     Basis of Secondment

3.     Periods of Leave

4.     Health and Safety

5.     Grievance and Discipline

6.     Payment and Expenses

7.     Liability and Indemnities

8.     Confidential Information

9.     Inventions and Other Intellectual Property

10.  Termination of the Agreement

11.  Obligations on Termination

12.  Data Protection

13.  Notices

14.  Variation of the Agreement

15.  General


This document is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates.

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