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Document Summary

A redundancy dismissal is typically a situation where an employee is dismissed in response to a reduction in the requirement for that employee’s role


Redundancy happens in the case where the services of an employee are no longer required by the business. Such as when a company purchases new machines, therefore, there is no need for human labour anymore. Redundancy is also different from dismissal; a dismissal happens because of the employee’s poor performance or wrong actions.

The Redundancy process is a sensitive and challenging topic in any jurisdiction. For companies operating in the UAE, the issue is particularly complex as the UAE Labour Law No.  33 of  2021 has not traditionally set out any express statutory definition of Redundancy.

The Redundancy Letter includes the following:

·   The notice Period

· Salary and other benefits are accrued in accordance with the UAE Labour Law

·    Exit Process

·    Maintenance of Confidentiality


This letter is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates.

Before Execution

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