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Basic Info

  • Applicable Region UAE
  • Available Languages
    English & Arabic
  • Document No 000061
  • Version V 1.0
  • Last Updated 10-11-2022
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Under this template, the party wishing to extend the term of the contract may do so simply by giving the other party sufficient time and notice. No discussion or further agreement is necessary. Please note that it is important to ensure that the terms of the contract in question permit such unilateral extension.

Elective clauses are included in highlighted brackets. These should be read thoroughly and carefully chosen so as to be consistent with one another. Unused choices should be deleted from the text.


This document is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates.

Before Execution

- The information on this front page or contained in the headers and footers of this instrument are for guidance purposes only.

- Please delete this front page together with the information contained in the headers, footers and the endnotes prior to circulating this letter. Where square brackets […] and highlights are used in the document, it indicates that there is missing or incomplete information which will need to be incorporated prior to signature.

- Please remove the square brackets and all highlighting prior to signature.