Loan Agreement


Basic Info

  • Applicable Region UAE
  • Available Languages
    English & Arabic
  • Document No 0000509
  • Version V 1.0
  • Last Updated 07-06-2023
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Document Summary

This Loan Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of a loan made by the Lender to the Borrower for a specific purpose.

The agreement covers the repayment terms, interest rate, securities, default clause, charges, costs, and fees.


This Agreement contains the following sections:


  1. The Recitals
  2. Grant of the Loan and Purpose
  3. Repayment Terms
  4. Securities
  5. Prepayment
  6. Default/Cancellation Clause
  7. Charges, Costs, and Fees
  8. General Terms

150 AED + VAT