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Document Summary

This agreement involves granting a license to use a site located on the property of the licensor for the purpose of providing car washing services to the visitors of the property (Mall , residential tower , Parking…) during the license period. It is essential for the licensee to obtain the necessary permits from the concerned authority before executing such agreement.


The primary duty that lies on the licensee while delivering the services is meeting high professional standards. This duty is linked to the fact that the licensee must appoint his own staff to perform the services and as such he must ensure they abide by this duty. The licensee would also bear responsibility for any damages caused to the cars during the performance of the services.

The payment obligations of the licensee may include paying the license fee, cost of insurance coverage, and the security deposit as per what is agreed between the parties.

This agreement includes the following sections:

  1. Preamble
  2. License
  3. Licensee’s Covenants
  4. License Fee
  5. Security Deposit
  6. Nature of this Agreement
  7. Licensor’s Non-liability
  8. Assignment
  9. Mutual Confidentiality
  10. License Period
  11. Completion of the License Period
  12. Termination
  13. Partial Invalidity
  14. No Oral Change
  15. Waivers
  16. Language
  17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  18. Notices


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