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An “Internship Experience Certificate” is a document granted to an intern at the end of the internship period. It serves as a proof of internship, and includes information such as duration of internship, quality of work assigned to the intern, the intern’s achievements, abilities, and skills.


An Internship Experience Certificate is a letter issued on behalf of an employer to the intern at the end of his / her internship. It supports to confirm the period the intern has been associated with the company and attests his skills, intelligence, performance, profile, and work habits throughout his tenure.

An Internship Experience Certificate is just about one paragraph long. Prospective employer loves to see written evidence that support the resume and personal interview, so that they can establish the credibility of a potential employee. They look for experience certificate of potential employee to authenticate how long an individual served at a organization, and what kind of skills and conduct the potential employee demonstrated while working there. As such, it can also be referred to as “Character Certificate of an Employee”.

Employers usually expect to find certain information in any Certificate of Experience such as to be issued on a company’s letterhead, signed and stamped by the HR Department, or the employee’s line manager, dated, and includes relevant information such as the date of commencement and end of employment, reason for ending employment, the last position held by the employee, the nature of the employee’s work, his accomplishments, capabilities, and skills.


This letter is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates and the laws may differ from one country to the other, you may need to have this document reviewed by a local legal practitioner.

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