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Document Summary

This “Intern Confidentiality Undertaking” is intended to protect confidential information disclosed to an intern during internship.


The Intern Confidentiality Undertaking is intended to protect confidential information disclosed during internships. An intern is a paid or unpaid worker who performs services in order to obtain training and experience. An intern may be an employee. The classification depends on whether the arrangement fulfils the criteria established by the UAE Labour Law.

Because the employment status may not be clear, and because the intern may be exposed to confidential information, the best strategy to protect your company is to get the intern to sign a confidentiality undertaking.

Please note that not all interns need to execute a confidentiality undertaking, only those exposed to confidential information. Some companies incorporate non-disclosure provisions into a separate agreement detailing training. Feel free to do so although we believe you will find it simpler to maintain confidentiality with this separate instrument.

Because of the temporary nature of an internship, and because many interns are unpaid, this undertaking is shorter and less daunting than those used for other employees. Ideally, the intern should sign this undertaking prior to starting training.

Please make sure that the intern is of legal age, otherwise it should be signed on his/her behalf by his/her legal guardian in order to make it binding.


This undertaking is intended for use in the MENA region and the laws in one country may differ from the laws of another country, you may need to have this document reviewed by a competent local legal practitioner.

Before Execution

- The information on this front page or contained in the headers and footers of this instrument are for guidance purposes only.

- Please delete this front page together with the information contained in the headers, footers and the endnotes prior to circulating or executing this undertaking. Where square brackets […] and highlights are used in the document, it indicates that there is missing or incomplete information which will need to be incorporated prior to signature.

- Please remove the square brackets and all highlighting prior to signature.