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Basic Info

  • Applicable Region UAE
  • Available Languages
    English & Arabic
  • Document No 0000139
  • Version V 1.0
  • Last Updated 07-06-2023
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Document Summary

G.P.O.A is a legal authorization that gives the representative the power to act for and on behalf of another person known as the principal, it gives the representative a broad authority to manage and supervise the representative’s company.


This G.P.O.A grants the representative the right to:

- Represent the principal and his company before all governmental and non-governmental authorities and departments.

- Open any branches, offices, or agencies for the company.

- Receive letters on behalf of the company.

- To sign, provide, receive, and deliver all contracts, deeds, etc. that are related to the company business.

- Demand, sue for, recover, receive, or hold sums of money.

- Negotiate, settle, compromise, or submit to arbitration or mediation, etc..

- Manage and control the principal’s company on a day-to-day basis.

- Determining the financial planning of the Company.

- To rent offices, housing and other places and facilities for the Business of the Establishment.

- To take out insurance against fire and others risks.

- To make contacts with clients, agencies, corporations and individuals.

- To make and sign addendums related to entering and withdrawing of partners.

- To transfer, sell or assign company or all the principal’s shares to himself or any third party.

- To sign lease contracts with the owners and proprietors of buildings.

-  To appoint, suspend and dismiss the employees and laborers of the company.

- To represent the company in any lawsuit or judicial dispute or arbitration or settlement of any kind.

-  To open and close the accounts of all types.

- To represent the company before all courts of various degrees.

-  To authorize and sanction vouchers for books of account and payment of expenses.

-   To appoint & remove account auditors.

-   Purchase, sell and registration of cars etc..

- To submit and receive ownership/title deeds, deeds and documents.

- To delegate to any person any or all of the powers.


This document is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates.

Before Execution

- The information on this front page or contained in the headers and footers of this instrument are for guidance purposes only.

- Please delete this front page together with the information contained in the headers, footers and endnotes prior to circulating this letter. Where square brackets […] and highlights are used in the document, it indicates that there is missing or incomplete information which will need to be incorporated prior to signature.

- Please remove the square brackets and all highlighting prior to signature.