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An Exit Interview is a human resource practice carried out to gain valuable feedback from the employee who is leaving the company. It is a standard procedure to obtain insights on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as perceived by the leaving employee.


In an exit interview, an interviewer can be an HR representative, manager, owner, or any other person like a third-party consultant. An interviewee is a person who is terminating his/her services in the company.

Exit interviews can set human resource benchmarks for the companies in the following ways:

-  Acquire constructive feedback.

- Gather information on managerial effectiveness.

- Build a positive brand image.

-Understand the prevailing human resource issues.

-Become aware of the competitors’ human resource benchmarks.

- Find out the scope for improvement.

- Learn about the employee’s perspective.

In this form, we have gathered the most common questions used in exit interviews.


This document is intended for use in the MENA region.

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