Elevator Maintenance Contract


Elevator Maintenance Contract

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  • Last Updated 07-06-2023
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Document Summary

This Elevator Maintenance Contract outlines the terms and conditions between an Owner and a Contractor for the elevators located at the owner's building, where the contractor assumes the responsibility of ensuring the elevators' proper functioning by performing routine check-ups, repairs, and part replacements as needed, while the owner agrees to provide the necessary access to the elevators and to notify the contractor of any issues with their performance in a timely manner, as well as to pay the agreed-upon fees for the maintenance services.


This contract includes the following sections:

  1. Integration
  2. Scope and Conditions of the Contract
  3. Spare Parts
  4. Contract Value
  5. Term
  6. Service Notification
  7. Delay Penalty
  8. Delivery and Check of Service
  9. Quality of Material
  10. Amending Prices and Work
  11. Offences
  12. Annulment of the Contract
  13. Language
  14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  15. General Conditions
  16. Force Majeure
  17. Termination