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This document serves to outline The Company's policy on the use and storage of your laptop. This is intended to minimise The Company's exposure to information security risk as well as increase the user's personal safety and safeguard the company's hardware investment.


Portable computing equipment is not just stolen to be resold; it is also stolen for the information it contains. Information about customers, employees and payments, and commercially sensitive data can all be of value to a thief. In the wrong hands, the information on your PC equipment could be a risk to the Company.

The Company relies heavily on its ability to access up-to-date and complete business information; the loss or unauthorised modification of data on portable devices can impact heavily on the Company's ability to do business effectively or management's ability to make informed business decisions. So, the cost to the business can persist long after the initial security breach and be of far greater consequence than hardware value alone.


This Policy is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates.

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