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  • Last Updated 07-06-2023
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Document Summary

This is a legal contract between an artist and another party. Artist provides the company with the requested services under the terms and conditions of this contract.


Artist has specialized skills and capabilities that are needed by the company . For this reason , this type of contract is drafted to avoid miscommunication over the responsibility of both parties concerning the services provided.

This document contains the following sections :

1.     Preamble and schedules

2.     Definitions and interpretation

3.     Endorsement and grant of rights

4.     Exclusivity

5.     Payments and payment terms

6.     Travel and accommodation provisions

7.     Performance of the services

8.     Warranties and representation

9.     Term and termination

10.  Indemnity

11.  Confidentiality

12.  Force majeure

13.  Notice

14.  No agency

15.  Entire agreement

16.  Time of the essence

17.  Company policies

18.  Language

19.  Governing law and jurisdiction

20.  General terms


This document is intended for use in the United Arab Emirates.

Before Execution

- The information on this front page or contained in the headers and footers of this instrument are for guidance purposes only.

- Please delete this front page together with the information contained in the headers, footers and endnotes prior to circulating this letter. Where square brackets […] and highlights are used in the document, it indicates that there is missing or incomplete information that will need to be incorporated prior to signature.

- Please remove the square brackets and all highlighting prior to signature.